"I Can Only Wear Gold Jewelry" – The Truth About Jewelry Allergies

"I can only wear gold jewelry, everything else breaks me out." How many times did I hear that exact phrase from my mother when I was a child? Every time I would give her jewelry that was her response. Why does everything but gold break my mother out? Is that statement even true? When I started designing jewelry over a year ago I decided [...]

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Why Women Love Swarovski Jewelry and How to Care for Them

When it comes to jewelry, you will be hard pressed to find any women who doesn't own a collection or two. Among the popular collections women indulge in these days include [...]

Women’s Jewelry Vs Men’s Jewelry

Jewelry and women are truly two words that cannot be separated. You think of jewelry and the first thing that people will think is women. Even though men's jewelry has been [...]

Jewelry Care: Caring for, Cleaning, and Storing Your Precious Jewelry

Your jewelry is precious. Whether it holds monetary or sentimental value, or both, your jewelry is special. So how do you keep your jewelry looking it's best? Most people [...]

Real And Fake Jewelry-How To Differentiate?

Metal, according to the law, should be marked by the maker. For instance, the numbers 925 (92.5% silver that is sterling) or a stamp with the words 'sterling' should be [...]

How To Get The P Diddy Look With Style, Earrings, and Confidence

Rappers have been setting style trends for men for as long as rap has been around. Everyone wants this look, but not everyone knows how to really pull it off and use their [...]

Indian Wedding Wear Fashion

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and majesty. Glittering decorations, sparkling jewelry assortment, opulent wedding wear collections, lavish cuisines, all sum up [...]

A Quick History of Stainless Steel Jewelry

Steel jewelry popularity today can be directly tied to its hardcore properties which allow it to be practicably indestructible. It is the Superman of all metals. [...]

Italian Designer Jewelry History

The history of jewelry design in Italy is rich, diverse and passionate. Modern Italian designer jewelry draws from traditions in fine craftsmanship that dates back [...]

Tiffany Style Jewelry

What is it about Tiffany Style Jewelry that has all the girls going ga-ga?  Just like the fake Fendi purses featured in Sex and the City, ladies all around [...]

Men's Watches: Jewelry or Tools?

Jewelry can bring happiness to both children and adults, young and old. A favored accessory, some jewelry combines aesthetics with functionality. Because of its [...]

The Snap Jewelry Concept – Idea That Can Help Maximize Profits

When I started my jewelry designing career, I didn't know where it would take me. I didn't even know if I would be able to sell my first set of creations. Times were [...]

How To Look Perfect Even In The Rain

We always want to look good no matter what the occasion, what time or what season. Every season has a fashion style dedicated to it; there is a fall line, a spring line, a [...]

Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion: 6 Ways to Look Gorgeous in Gowns

Cinderella StyleLook elegant in Indo-Western gowns for a party that combine Indian embroidery, sparkling stones, sequins, pearls and beads on the bodice with a flowing lower [...]

The Great Advantages of Imitation Jewelry Over Real Jewelry

Most of us own a few pieces of real gold or silver jewelry, or pieces with precious faceted stones. Naturally they are beautiful and we do appreciate them but the truth of [...]

Bridge Jewelry – Artisan Jewelry

Jewelry is more than an accessory; it can be a promise, a remembrance, a statement or a frivolous decoration. Fine jewelry, Bridge jewelry and Fashion Jewelry are all types [...]

Brass Jewellery – All You Ever Needed to Know

Brass is fast becoming one of the most popular materials in fashion jewellery, seen on the catwalk and the high street and the shopping mall. Typically, brass tended to [...]

What Is Wholesale Snap Jewelry?

We all know that jewelry pieces like necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings, and earrings, can be paired with the clothing we are wearing to create a fashion statement. People [...]

Jewellery is Self Expression!

Self-expression must pass into communication for its fulfillment. Pearl S. Buck.The dictionary definition of self-expression is, to express one's own personality, feelings, [...]

The Glorious Jewelry of Ancient Rome

Buongiorno! I lived in Italy for 5 years and adore this country. Their food, their language and their culture. Like a sponge, I soaked it all up. I particularly [...]

What Items Are Considered Fashion Accessories And Why Are There So Many?

Have you been trying to upgrade your gear as in your appearance of what you wear? If you are then you will need to start looking and thinking about what your style is and [...]